Internships & Trainings

This internship/Online Training Program aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge we gain during our curriculum and a practical setup. The program is also meant for those who would simply like to explore the field of psychology. It gives you access to a safe space to gain practical knowledge about psychology while targetting skills like communicating with the client, handling transference in therapy, managing a meltdown, planning therapy sessions, history taking amongst others. The most exciting part of this program and what makes it different from other programs is the focus on self-work.

Perpetual self-work forms a strong foundation to become an effective and engaging therapist. It helps one build a resourceful skill base to practice psychotherapy.

It also includes:

  • Interactive sessions that help you gain a new perspective
  • Assignments that are short, practical meaningful and interesting. You can manage your other commitments even with the assignments.
  • In-Depth explaination of disorders with accurate resources (DSM-5)
  • Experienced mentor (In practice since 9 years)
  • Role plays
  • Discussions
  • Discussions of actual cases I am working with
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